Remote Possibilities? Social Distancing and the Magnification of Marketing

Organizations that are appropriately staffed, skilled, and resourced in the marketing function during times of social distancing and congregate setting restrictions may experience less revenue generation continuity challenges based on unforeseen events and incidents than organizations that have selectively neglected this crucial area.

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eDiscovery Mergers, Acquisitions, and Investments in Q1 2020

From HaystackID and Everlaw to Cellebrite and Carbonite, ComplexDiscovery findings, data points, and tracking information from January 1, 2020, to March 29, 2020, may be useful for understanding merger, acquisition, and investment activity patterns in the eDiscovery ecosystem during the first calendar quarter of 2020.

Are You Experienced? Considering Remote eDiscovery Services

Carefully and courteously confronting remote eDiscovery service assertions with questions that extend beyond technological capabilities and into the practical and proven experiences of providers in actually delivering on asserted skills may be beneficial in considering, comparing, and choosing remote eDiscovery services and providers.  

Pandemic Drives Temporary Changes in Antitrust Investigations from DOJ and FTC

For mergers currently pending or that may be proposed, the DOJ Antitrust Division is requesting from merging parties an additional 30 days to timing agreements to complete its review of transactions after the parties have complied with document requests. If circumstances require, the Division may revisit its timing agreements with merging parties in light of further developments.

Five Great Reads on Data Discovery and Legal Discovery for March 2020

From business continuity considerations to cybersecurity attacks, the March 2020 edition of the Five Great Reads on Data Discovery and Legal Discovery newsletter provides a selection of recent and relevant articles and research shared to update legal, information technology, and business professionals on the art and science of eDiscovery.

Beyond the Baby? A Vision for Next-Generation Government Technology

Authored by Kristo Vaher, the Government Chief Technology Officer for the Republic of Estonia, the vision paper “Next-Generation Digital Government Architecture” presents an intriguing picture of how the ability of governments to be there for their citizens in time of need may be enhanced with a digital government ecosystem that supports the whole range of citizen experiences.

COVIDancellations? A Running Listing of eDiscovery Event Updates

Based on research and tracking by ComplexDiscovery, this non-comprehensive planning list highlighting eDiscovery-related events, conferences, and meetings, along with their current known scheduling status, may be beneficial for individuals and organizations evaluating sponsorship, support, and attendance plans in light of the recent developments and restrictions due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Evaluating Communication Approaches: A Principled Look

These principles have been adapted from the work of Christopher E. Van Avery in his writings on the importance of expanding the principles of warfare to take into consideration the fluidity and complexity of future battlefields. While communication in the business arena is certainly not war, the principles of war have always served as a solid framework for considering marketing communication efforts.

eDiscovery Technology Provider Everlaw Raises $62M

“Everlaw is changing the way legal teams uncover the truth buried in mountains of data and documents,” said Steven Sinofsky, board partner at Andreessen Horowitz. “Everlaw has already established itself as a leader in the $11 billion ediscovery market, and promises to make a lasting impact defining modern work solutions for litigators.”